It's no secret that there are a LOT of events everywhere - with more coming online every day. As new events sprout up - or as you consider whether to become a licensee - there are a few things to consider:

  1. 1. SCALE. Consumers want a FULL SCALE experience. This means investing lots of time & money into creating the product and acquiring equipment (and paying to store it when it isn't being used) or choosing to tap into existing brands - and a network of franchisees who can deliver consumers the experience they want, while sharing costs, overhead, marketing expertise, and maximizing utilization of resources like equipment.
  2. 2. MARKETING. The Marketing & Advertising World is becoming more difficult. Reaching consumers on TV, radio or newspaper may not be as effective as it once was. Today you may have more luck finding your target consumers on Twitter or Instagram - and it changes every day! (Think SnapChat?) Managing a local social media effort can cost as much as a national campaign - and get less traction.
  3. 3. FOCUS. By taking some of the load off of an event manager to create, market, advertise, scale, stage, staff and store your event - you will find you have more time to FOCUS on maximizing event performance in other key areas. From sponsorship to PR, joint ventures to community outreach. You'll even have more time to focus on your family!
  4. 4. Get LOCAL. To our knowledge it has never been done before. Our vision is to create a national network of LOCAL event operators. This means our licensees must be LOCAL to their events. It also means you can do the little things locally that other national brands can't do. From local guerrilla marketing to local public relations to local vendors & sponsors - all the way to STAFFING the event locally - the opportunity to maximize revenue and minimize event costs is a key component.
  5. 5. The NETWORK. The power is in the NETWORK. Overtime as RunLoco expands you will find the most important benefit of the company is the network of Franchisees. Together you will exchange ideas, best practices, and more. You will likely forge relationships that will last a lifetime!

Our Philosophy

Well produced events are FUN. Execute the details. Don't cut corners - from executing event day details to spending the money on marketing to ensure the event is successful. Don't get greedy and focus on opportunities to create a WIN -WIN.

How It Works

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